Sunday 24th May 2015 – Pentecost B (4)

Prayers of the People

Gracious Creator,

we offer our thanks

for our encounters with Your presence

that have brought us new knowledge,

or much needed comfort and hope.

In the familiar of each day

You make us creative and diverse

full of energy,

as we fulfil the potential

of all You might hope for us.


We thank You

for those who have brought Your Spirit

to our lives

disturbing us from comfortable places

that we might better know and serve You.

And we thank You for those who have brought us hope,

assuring us

that something new is waiting,

and holding our hands

until we are ready to step

into a new future.


Lord of wind and flame,

Heavenly Dove,

All-consuming Fire,

Your story speaks of freedom, peace and change

as people and nations

find themselves

divided by war, creed,

differences and anger.

As Your story continues

to be told

in the activity of Your church

in our world today,

may Your Guiding Spirit lead us in our prayers and activity,

and find ways of stepping into

the difficult situations

where we seek new vision.


As one congregation in Dunfermline,

and within the Church of Scotland,

may we remember that while we are called to serve You in this place,

that Your Spirit binds us together

with others

to offer support and courage in all we say and do.

We remember those from congregations across the country

and the world who at times seems so different from us,

and yet all hope to offer the presence of Christ in the story they tell.


May Your presence enter the lives

of those who have no homes today.

We remember the people of Nepal

as the continue to grieve, and search

and attempt to rebuild their lives.

We pray for those who are able to offer support

in the skills they bring.


Transforming Spirit,

we remember those who long for their lives to be transformed,

as they feel they are crippled with debt

or burdened with the uncertainty of livelihood.

May we learn to respond with integrity,

recognising the diverse nature of our communities,

and ensure that those who need resources

that bring relief from anxiety

are shown signs of compassion.


Spirit of challenge,

as You challenge us

to new thoughts,

may You also challenge

those who hold the power.

May they hear the voices of discontent and abandonment,

and respond to the truth of need.


Compassionate and Caring Spirit,

who reaches out to those

who feel that they are lost

in the storm of the world in which they live,

bring peace to the anxious,

comfort to the bereaved,

and hope to those who are in pain.

May we all leap and life

when we find your joy in our lives

and take confidence

in all we know of Your love.



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