Sunday 28th June 2015 – Pentecost 5B (2)

Opening Prayer

To You we sing our praise,

Great Healer,

for You reach out Your healing hands

to touch the scars of creation;

You speak words of tenderness

to smooth away the troubled waters;

You offer patience

that agonies may be poured over,

only for You

to call Your people beyond them

to the future You have promised.

Rejoicing in the favour of Your presence,

we greet You

and praise You

for the security that is found

when our faith is placed in You.


While we might long for the wholeness

that You offer,

Lord of all people,

we are sometimes willing to deny others

their full potential and humanity.

We name call,

and treat others as unworthy.

We devalue ourselves

by our willingness to hurt.


In Your mercy,

forgive us for the destruction we cause.

In Your faithfulness,

You call us from our wailing

to songs of joy,

that speak of Your love

and our thanks.



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