Sunday 22nd November 2015 – Reign of Christ the King (B) 2

Prayer of Approach and Confession

Almighty God,

before whom the winds and waves respond

in an eternal dance

of passion and vigour,

Your people respond to the sound of Your voice,

and find a place for praise of You.

The creative impulse

of the Creator

brings light and shade to each moment in time,

and in the colour that has still to be added

to this day,

there is good to be sought after,

hope to be encouraged,

and love to be shared.


In the life of the Son of the living God,

the encounter with the continuous creation

and recreation of all of life

echoes as people move from their old ways

to new patterns,

as broken relationships find healing.


Spirit of Creation,

sweep through our lives

and call us to change.

In the inability to recognise our own failings,

lead us to the mirror of engagement

that asks us to meet

all that keeps us

from engaging more with You

and others.

When we feel that others have no time for the tasks that need done,

remind us of the wasted moments of star-gazing

in which we met the wonder of Your presence.

In our anxiety of the power of others

and their control of life,

may we recognise that we hurt

with belittling comments and actions that suggest incompetence.

Listening for Your call of grace

we seek the forgiveness of Your presence in our lives.




King of Kings,

who takes time for the lost and lonely, the weak and distressed,

it is Your hand that hauls us to our next task,

and Your voice that stills our troubled thoughts.

May we be strengthened and guided by You always.



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