Sunday 22nd November 2015 – Reign of Christ the King B – 4

Prayers of the People

King of Glory

and Son of the everlasting Father,

we give You our love and offer our lives.

Come and rule our hearts

until the kingdom of heaven is created in all life.

Come and reign over us

that Your voice may bring calm

to the and sense

to the the tyranny of life around us.


In these troubled days

of uncertainty for us all,

may it be You that teaches us not to be afraid of the shadows

but instead to put our trust

in the hopes You have for all You have made.

Teach us to be strong

in the opinions we hold

where we place the value of all life

above the machinations of politics.

Direct us along paths of peace

that enable us to recognise

when we are being set against one another,

and instead bring us nearer to those

with whom we may have seen as the stranger in our midst.


Christ our King,

speaking truth to power,

You challenged the authority of the world,

that the lowly and the humble

might be lifted to view

and be restored in the lives they led.

We pray for governments and community leaders,

for those who seek justice and maintain order,

that the decisions and choices they make reflect people

over finance.


At the close of Prisoners’ Week,

we prayer for those who are imprisoned,

and for those in whose care they are placed.

We remember the families whose lives are changed

because someone they love

is no longer with them.


As the Christian year draws to a close,

and we being our preparations for the period of preparation called Advent,

we remember those

who are preparing for Christmas.

We think of the shoppers

who will be seeking out just the right gift

for the people they love,

and remember the financial burden

which people believe they have to place upon themselves.

We pray for the shop staff

whose patience will be tested

as people seek a bargain

or grow frustrated with the quest and crowds.

May we all learn that people matter more than gifts,

and find ways to heal broken relationships

with family members and friends.

We remember those who feel that there is no hope within their relationships,

and for whom the brokenness of a home or a partnership still awaits a resolution.


We pray for those who feel weak at the power

of their own bodies and minds,

and remember those who carry the burden of ill health

in body and mind;

those weighed down with grief and anxiety.


Lord, as we miss those who were closest to us,

who in their presence spoke of Your love,

may we meet them in the shared faith we have found in You.



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