Sunday 3rd January 2016 – Epiphany C (2)

Opening Prayer

Creator of all time and space,

Your light shines into the darkness of our day

bringing transforming light

that awakens us to the possibility

of all that You have placed before Your creation.

As the seasons of each year pass,

You offer time for reflection and restoration

and then the impetus

to begin again,

or be shaped by new opportunities.

At the start of this New Year,

You invite a willingness to let go

of old ways and tired habits

and offer a new invitation

to step out in grace

as the future laps around the edges of each day.


Even with the passing of time,

and the changing of date,

we struggle to let go of the the past.

We cling to our failures,

and the guilt and shame

of long held grudges, grievances and fights.

We allow them to form a blanket around our frame

that prevent us from meeting the warmth of Your love.

May our longings for justice and mercy pull at the corners of our selfish covers

and allow us to meet Your forgiveness

so that we may be moved from complacency and ignorance

and reshaped to bring the presence of Christ

into the hearts of those in need.


Lord of every moment,

inspire us to bring the hope of Christ’s presence

to a world in need of renewal.



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