Sunday 17th January 2016 – Epiphany 2C (2)

Opening Prayer

Heavenly Creator,

who shows faithfulness in the pattern of each day,

we praise You for the sky above our heads,

that glows with glory

in the rising and the setting of the sun,

and declares the pain of Your heart

in thundering cloud and rainfall.

In Your unfailing love for us,

You bring us together

to feast at Your table,

so that we may be fed and our thirst quenched

by the hope and passion You declare for all of creation.


In Your Son, Jesus Christ,

Your presence on this earth

reaches into the hearts and minds of those

who are so easily ignored,

and the outcast and stranger is assured of Your unfailing love.


As Your Spirit calls us to rejoice in the love and trust

that we share as a community of faith,

and we long to live with others,

may we step from the hurt and pain we have cause or felt.

Seeking your forgiveness

for the wrongs we do in thought, word and deed,

enable us to live

as those who have found a shelter in Your embrace

and long to draw others within

to meet the presence of the loving Creator.



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