Sunday 17th January 2016 – Epiphany 2C (4)

Prayers of the People

Creator of Love,

we praise You

for the promise and hope

we find within relationships.

In those who have wrapped their love around us,

and brought the best out of us,

we have encountered Your Spirit inviting and inspiring

to take our place in the wonder of creation.


Instiller of friendship,

who sets us in the midst of those who are vastly different from us,

and those who share our excitement and joy,

we thank You for the friends who support and care for us.

In the friendship we offer,

help us to step beyond the boundaries

that we make,

and seek out the good in others.

Make our world a place of compassion,

where refugee and stranger find a place to meet a welcome,

where the poor are led to the table of plenty to be sustained,

and where the sick and the housebound find comfort and hope.


Within the relationship of God,

in Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

in Maker, Presence and Sustainer,

You offer a vision

of how familial relationships and ties allow

for different personalities to play their part.

We praise You for our own families,

birth and personally created,

that allow our talents to be brought to the fore.

Yet we recognise

that the ties of family life can bring strain and burden,

and the abuse that diminishes the potential of both the perpetrator and the victim.

We pray for both.

For victims to see the chink of light

that leads them form their situation,

and for the abuser

that they might be challenged to change.


Inspiring us to live passionately,

sometimes that passion is at its strongest

in the partnerships we forge.

We acknowledge the strength of love felt sometimes

just for one person:

for the fulfilment found in promises made

to spend a lifetime together.

When love breaks down,

help thoughts to turn to positive moments,

and the challenges that have created the individuals we become.

We think of those

who so often feel cut off and abandoned

from the love of God

because of human words and thoughts placed upon the divine story.

Help us to see the light of God

shining within the maturity of love

that says this person only is for me.


Giver of the heavenly meal,

You in love offer the abundance of Your presence

in the gatherings of people together.

We thank You for the times of celebration and of frustration

where we have felt

a strong bond of friendship and fellowship

pulling us together for one common purpose.

In the relationships we build

we different communities within our local area,

may we be open to difference

and respect the stories that make people who they are.

May our governments and world leaders,

our councils, and church committees

learn to listen to all sides,

so that all people are offered the assurance

that they are precious and important

to the workings of creation.

In Christ’s name.



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