Sunday 24th January 2016 – Epiphany 3C (2)

Author of life,

Each day is a new page

on which the story of the wonder of Your creation is told.

No pen and no words written,

and instead Your presence is revealed

in the unfolding pattern of creation,

and in the lives of ordinary people

who reach beyond themselves

so that Your presence might be revealed,

in love,

in mercy,

in justice and compassion.

In praise we notice the changing seasons,

the passion years,

and wonder at the different visions of You offered

in the transformation of all that surrounds.

The vitality of youth,

the vigour of spring,

speak of the excitement of the beginning of a new journey with You,

the promise that is yet to be revealed.

The coldness of winter,

the more sedate pace of age,

tell of life lived.

The summer heat sings with the labour of life,

and Autumn hosts the celebration of handwork.

In all of this story

You are the constant presence,

opening each new page of wonder

that we might meet Christ anew.


From the activity of the story

You call us to this place

to settle and be still,

that we might hear Your voice reminding us of the promises of faith.


When we have walked a different path,

and preferred another story,

that has not offered care of creation and of others,

may we seek forgiveness in You.

With the presence of Your Spirit,

may Your words continue to transform our lives.



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