Sunday 31st January 2016 – Epiphany 4C (2)

Opening Prayer


In the womb,

You were shaping and moulding,

Eternal Creator.

You were whispering Your hopes and ambitions

of all creation might be

and our place within the masterpiece.

Instilling within each one of us

something unique

to be treasured as the part that makes us who we are,

and to be revealed

as age and wisdom

drew from within

our purpose

in the artwork of life.


In growing and learning,

we have been encouraged to seek You out,

that we may hear Your voice

and Your plans for us.

Encouraged by others around us

and by the impetus of the Spirit of Creation

we have found the living presence of Jesus

revealed in Scripture

and actioned in human life.

Each of our days offers new ways

in which the presence of Christ may be revealed

in our activity,

alone and with others.


When we are tired and awkward,

being unique and part of Your creation,

Wisdom of heaven,

becomes a burden we are not always willing to wear.

Standing on the precipice

of the our own feelings

and those around us,

our actions and words betray our selfish desire

to care for ourselves and those closest to us

over those we may not know,

and those we do that test our patience.

So we bring bewildered prayers

to ask that we might try again

to follow You.




Rock and refuge,

From Your forgiveness

we find the trust

that invites us to be all You have made us to be,

and to reveal Christ in every part of our lives.



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