Sunday 28th February 2016 – Lent 3C (3)

Offertory Prayer

In the gifts and talents we bring this day,

You, Creative Lord,

pull together the jigsaw of our church

that Your embrace might stretch from all we have offered.

While we may think pieces are missing,

or bits don’t fit together,

help us to discover that in our encounters with You

anything is possible.



Sunday 28th February 2016 – Lent 3C (2)

Opening Prayer

Holy One of Israel,

It is the tenderness and urgency of Your voice

that bring us to this time and place of worship.

When we are thirsty,

You guide us to refreshing waters;

when we are hungry,

You feed our deepest needs;

when the cupboard is bare and the pocket is empty,

You fill up our stores that we may face the future.

Your promise is of an everlasting covenant of love

that taps at the barriers of hurt and harm

we cause or feel.


Compassionate Presence,

in the darkness of our hearts

and the jealousy of our thoughts

we cross the line of passion and care for people and the world

and scar with word and thought and action.

We would rather tear down than build up,

and so we unsettle the vulnerable and powerless.

Move us from our impatience and judgement,

and lead us to Your grace

that shows patience and trust

in the activity of living.


Merciful Lord,

help us to live as those who are transformed by repentance,

that our lives may glow

with the presence of Christ.


Sunday 28th February 2016 – Lent 3C

Call to Worship

With thirsty souls and bodies longing for the lifting of spirit

we seek out the Lord.

our Lord

that we might leave the cynicism and emptiness

of the world around

and find an embrace of hope.

In this sanctuary,

in the loftiness of hilltops,

in the solitude of a beach,

in the speckled touch of rainfall,

in the caress of sunshine.

in the whisper of the wind,

and the thunder of the storm,

we have met the glory of the Lord

and know that all encompassing love

to cause our lips

to spill with praise,

and our souls to be filled to bursting.


In the long watches of the night,

let us remember the Lord,

who brings us into the shelter of the heavenly shadow

that we may be upheld

in the passions of our lives.