Sunday 6th March 2016 – Lent 4B/Mothering Sunday (2)

Gracious God,

who knows us for who we really are,

we bring the very best of all we can offer

in our time and talents,

and from our daily living,

that they may find a purpose

in the activity of heaven in our time.



Sunday 6th March 2016 – Lent 4/Mothering Sunday

Loving Creator,

You are the parent

who throws open their arms

and holds the creation close

that You might revel in the stories of the adventures,

nurse the hurts,

wipe the tears,

and then thrust each part of all You have made

back into the path set before them.

Recognising inner strengths,

and nibbling fear,

You are the voice

that compels and comforts.

Within the welcome we find this day

we hear Your rejoicing

at the celebration

that takes place in this, our home.


In the tentative steps of faith we take,

we do not always embrace the joy of a moment.

Instead we are jealous of the tasks of others,

or overwhelmed by the abilities and skills of those around us.

These are moments when we do not show ourselves at our best,

and fail to welcome Your love and grace

that inspire us to be the best

You invite us to be.

Forgive our foolishness,

and empty words and gestures.




Eternal and everlasting Presence,

who always welcomes

even when we have lost our way,

transform our lives

that we may always celebrate Christ in our midst.