Sunday 3rd April 2016 – Easter 2C (2)

Creator God,

who made this day,

and all the hope within it,

we sing with praise and jubilation

for all that fills our eyes, our ears and our lives.

In this place we bless You

for the goodness that bestowed upon us by Your love.

You are the beginning and the ending of each day,

calling forth peace

before words of anger can be spoken

and before actions of hate cause separation.

Unlocking the barriers and segregation

You stand in the midst of all of life

bearing Your scars

so that all may know the cost of love,

and the rebuilding of relationships

through Your resurrection.


Risen Christ,

as You stretch out Your hands

in a sign of unfaltering love,

we admit we have faltered.

While You were bursting through barriers,

and breaking down walls,

we were hurriedly finding new ways

to divide ourselves

from others,

because we were afraid.

Forgive us for the boundaries we create

as we judge others because

they are different from us.

Forgive us when we do not recognise Your face or Your voice

captured in the presence of another.

In the closed spaces of our homes and minds

may You speak our names,

and bear Your wounds

that we might know You again

as the Lord of our lives.




Like the impetus to breathe,

You forgiving Spirit sweeps over us,

freeing us from all that ties us to the past

and leading us to the future Your create.



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