Sunday 10th April 2016 – Easter 3C

Call to Worship

Let us exalt the Lord,

who has lifted us out of the depths

and did not let those around us gloat over us.

When we called to the Lord for help,

healing entered our lives.

When sorrow and anxiety pulled us under,

the Lord lifted us out of the darkness.


Let us sing praise to the Lord’s holy name,

for anger is momentary

while favour lasts a lifetime;

weeping may stay with us through the night,

only to be transformed to joy in the light of the morning;

wailing turns to dancing.


May we sing because of the Lord’s mercy

and unfailing love.

May our hearts never be silent.


Let us worship God…



Opening Prayer

In the morning light

You were waiting,

blazing like the sun’s dawn

and causing the horizon of a new day

to display the colour of all that lies ahead.

Eternal Presence,

who has watched as we sleep

and smoothed the furrowed, dreaming brows,

You have led us through the darkness

to open our eyes

to the hues of heavenly love.

Placing our feet upon the ground

and taking out hands

that we might be led through the ambition of this day.

You shout our attention

to look beyond ourselves

with the vibrancy of a sky.

You remind us to embrace with comfort and hope

as dew and rain caress plant and earth.

You whisper to be brave

and play our part,

as the wind blows through the trees

and stirs them to life.


Some days our lives seem too full and overwhelming

that we are not willing or ready

to step out in faith with You,

Christ of the new day.

We would prefer instead to pick through our worries,

or pretend we haven’t seen a need

for us to engage with the world.

If we close our eyes

we will not see the people who hunger in the street;

if we close our ears

we will not hear the cries of the children who do not know love;

if we close our minds

we will not understand the changes we can make towards a fairer, cleaner world.

Forgive us

for our lack of faithfulness.




Spirit of Mercy,

You dust down the sack cloth we would wear

and reclothe us in joy,

that our whole lives might sing

with the wonder of Your presence.




Offertory Prayer

Gracious heavenly Father,

we praise You for Your kindness

in the gifts we have received

and in the little miracles that sprinkle through our lives.

Help us to hear Christ’s redeeming call

that invites us to love and participate

in the feeding of others

with the good news of Your spirit in our midst.

May our gifts, talents and tithes be used

in miraculous ways.



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