Sunday 5th June 2016 – Pentecost 3C

Call to Worship

Praise to the Lord,

who lifts us out of our despair;

who raises us up when others diminish our confidence;

who listens for our calls for help

and heals us for new life.


Sing to the Lord,

who moves so swiftly from anger

to bestow favour for a lifetime;

who sits with us as we weep through the night

that we might greet each new day with rejoicing.


Whenever we are shaken

may we find security

in the eternity of the Lord.

Whenever we hit the ground in despair,

may the Lord’s mercy

remind us of the faithfulness of eternal love.


Dance with the Lord,

who turns our sadness to joy,

and teaches us new songs

full of eternal promise.


Opening Prayer

In the bread that finds its way to our table,

You, Providing Lord, are present,

as You meet the needs of our bellies and our hearts.

With bread

You feed our world,

that all may find their hunger eased

and be restored to health.

With bread

You take us to Your table

where we are reminded of Your purposes

for humanity,

for at Your table all are welcome,

all are equal,

and all receive Your grace in equal measure.

With bread

You teach us to share

and recognise the needs of those around us.


In placing the bread upon our tables

and the food within our live,

You, Healing Lord, meet us in our vulnerability.

Your tenderness unsettles our pride and belligerence

and causes us to review

the activity of our lives

and the words we have said.

Who have we hurt?

Who have we ignored?

In this time of restoration,

help us to leave behind

the old ways of being who we are

and allow our lives to be transformed by Your presence

and Your story.


Sustaining Lord,

each time we eat,

each time we meet,

You watch us grow and bend within Your love.

Inspire us to share in word and action,

the joy of being welcomed

to eat at Your eternal table.



Offertory Prayer


we often think our hands are empty,

our mind are overwhelmed,

and our hearts are broken,

only to find that with Your grace

our pockets are full,

our imagination is lively

and Your love is fulfilling.

In this offering we make,

we remember Your kindness to us

and seek to share

from our time, talent and money

that others may know Your presence.



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