Sunday 26th June 2016 – Pentecost 6C (2)

O Holy Refuge,

You are the shelter,

and under Your canopy

we are protected from wind and rain,

from cruel blow and thoughtless taunt.

In the inheritance we receive from You,

You provide everything we need.

In the darkness,

You bring light,

as You speak to our hearts.

You do not abandon us,

but seek us out

with good things to enjoy.


Loving Presence,

we seek You shelter

from our world,

with worried thoughts,

excited hopes,

and anxious fears.

In our desire to seek the best for ourselves,

it is not always easy

to place our trust in You.

Our selfish needs,

our sense of purpose,

our ambition,

all place walls around which Your Spirit


tearing at our resilience

until we remember to whom we belong.

Forgive us when we do not see the bigger picture

of a world in need,

or Your desire to use us as the hearts, hands and voices

of justice, fairness and wholeness.




Spirit of Promise,

You invite us to renew our promises to You,

that the kingdom of heaven

may reach into all of life,

in Christ’s name.



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