Sunday 7th August 2016 – Pentecost 12 (Narrative Lectionary on 2 Corinthians 2: 1-10)

Week 2 of the adventure from the RCL and I’m struggling for inspiration.   I’ve done a bit of adapting of other people’s resources for writing this week.   However this one is mine.


Ever-present Love,

active in all of live,

we praise You.

We praise You in the sunshine,

as the external warmth heats our skin

and causes the blood within our frame

to pulse with new energy

as we enjoy the possibility of the day.

We praise You for the drizzle,

and the pouring rain,

for even in the bleak damp,

Your warmth within courses into our imaginations,

and sends us on new journeys of growth.

We praise You for the blowing gale and the gentle breeze,

as cobwebs of past ways of being

are blown apart

to allow Your light to settle

on the vision of the tomorrow You have planned.

We praise You,

for Your Spirit cannot be captured in one moment,

one activity,

one season

or one experience.

Instead Your constancy is offered

in the changing pattern

of the design of Your creation.

Inspire us with the energy that moves from past to present to future.

For all our imagination,

Forgiving Lord,

we find ourselves caught on one picture,

one way of being,

one event.

Not always willing to forgive the wrongdoing of others,

we look for retaliation or vengeance,

believing that it evens the score.

Instead it robs us of the possibility of building relationships,

and weakens our love of ourselves and others.

With Your grace,

You open the shuttered windows of our hearts,

and through wide the doors

to a new day with You.

In Your grace

may we be willing to live as Christ calls us to love,

open heartedly accepting our own faults

and those of the world around us,

and seeking to bring mercy

to every part of our experience.


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