Sunday 4th February 2018 – Epiphany 5B

A dying computer and a new assistant mean I’ve not been able to post much recently.   However a small morsel for this week.   Next week I think I’m on the prayer task so hopefully there will be more then.

Call to Worship

How good it is to sing

our praise to God.

How pleasant

as note and harmony

ring within our ears

and throats

to tell the wonder of creative Presence.


Building up community

with gentle touch,

and well-placed word

the Spirit of God

invites us

to shelter under the canopy of heavenly stars

and morning light.

And when dusk comes

we are to bathe

in the warm embrace

of God’s caress upon the earth.


Let us sing with thanksgiving,

and even if we think we cannot make music

may we take pleasure in the relationships

that God inspires

between humanity and the creation

between outcast and stranger

between sibling and parent

young and old,

restored and forgiven.


Let us worship God…



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