Sunday 17th December 2017 – Advent 3B

Call to Worship

Gathering to seek the favour of God,

we hope to be anointed

by the presence of the Eternal One.

In that blessing

we are to receive good news

that speaks to the poor,

the broken hearted and the captives,

that all may be released

from the darkness

that looms in their experiences.


We come to be comforted,

that in turn we may offer comfort,

allowing the beauty of creation

to become a garment

that causes hearts to sing.

The Lord will lead us through what we thought were ruins

to find the hope and potential

with the promise offered in faith.


Come let us delight

in the provision of God,

whose provision reaches beyond

our prejudice.


Opening Prayer

Mighty One,

You are to be praised

for You place Your trust and hope

in the humility of human form.

Not interested in wealth and status,

You invest in tenderness,


and creativity

to bring the presence of Your love

into the sight of those

who are to be lifted high.

Beyond our understanding of time and space,

You story repeats and renews

in every generation,

ringing with wonder,

causing the ignored and excluded

to be noticed.


As we are blessed by the presence of the Holy Spirit,

make us aware of our prejudices

and our search for status and recognition.

As we walk past those who sit destitute,

give us the courage to question why,

and to challenge the normality of the experience.

As we watch televisions stories

of children who will be hungry

or not have the healthcare they need,

empower us to be vocal

in the calls we make on governments

and recognise that small changes

are the ripples that create waves.


As we seek Your forgiveness,

may we be open to the changes

that You create within our lives,

so that creation

finds the Incarnation waiting to be born in our time.




Sunday 1st December 2017 – Advent 1B

Call to Worship

Time hastens on,

and in the flurry and scurry of preparations

there seems to be little time

to reflect upon the world.


Time hastens on,

and news stories cascade

faces of hungry children,

homeless mothers,

helpless men,

and there are no easy answers of solutions

on which to hang our hopes.


Time hastens on,

and governments quarrel over boundaries

and responsibilities,

with seeming little thought to individuals

in the midst of grand schemes.


Time hastens on,

and yet the length of eternity cannot be measured.


In the presence of the Eternal One,

a space to reflect,


and remind ourselves of the purpose of our lives

is offered.


Let us worship God…


Offertory Prayer


who calls us to be One with You,

we praise and adore You

for Your openness of heart.

Responding to Your gift

we bring the gifts of our lives,

in talent, time and money,

and allow Your invitation to us

to be shared

in the friends and strangers

who find a welcome

as Christ’s love reaches out to them.



Sunday 1st January 2017 – Christmas 1/Epiphany

We’re marking Epiphany here, because it is too late by next week.   All the decorations will be down.   It also means an easy Sunday as I’ve found some meditations that will work.   This is the opening prayer.


Glorious Presence,

who has awakened our hearts

with the light of stars,

and dazzled our imaginations

with the possibility of heaven,

You shine into this dawning new year

and cast Your rays across the world

that new vision may settle

into life.

Bringing hope and love

You are turning over the old ways

and announcing the possibility of change

and determination

to seek after the best for all people.

With signs and wonders

You stir up

the settled view,

disrupting the convenient

for the challenge of alternative patterns.


Clothing ourselves in the comfort of darkness,

we hide away our bad habits

lest people see us at our worst.

We close our minds

to welcoming difference.

We linger in the familiarity of past memories,

afraid of an unknown future.


You make us brave with starlight and wonder,

and it is Your loving tenderness,

Lord of all nations,

that reminds us

of Your on-going work in our lives.

Incomplete and uncertain

we place our lives in Your hands.


Sunday 6th December 2015 – Advent 2C (4)

Prayers of the People

Holy God,

in this season of Advent

and at other times in our lives

we find ourselves longing for You,

for Your presence

to instil us with hope and comfort

and for our present existence to be transformed.

We praise You for the moments

when we have glimpsed Your glory,

and been assured of the Spirit’s lead

in daily activities.


In the words of others

we have glimpsed Your glory,

as they have taught us of Your love

and inspired us in all we do.

There are those who are never afraid

to speak out,

and who challenge all

with their thirst for justice

and call to live in relationship with others.

We pray for those who continue to inspire

in all they say and do,

the prophets of our time

who are found in every walk of life –

for politicians and evangelists,

for teachers and news reporters,

for young people and political activists.


Shine in the darkness



As warring nations rumble with discontent,

as people travel to escape hostility, oppression and famine,

we seek glimpses of Your glory

in those who will offer a welcome and a shelter,

who will lift up the downtrodden

and give mercy that allows them to live,

and who offer relief from the burden of hunger, thirst and debt.

So we remember Aid Agency workers,

those within our armed forces,

doctors and nurses and hospital support staff

at home and overseas.

As they offer kindness and care,

may they experience strength and courage

for all they encounter.


Shine in the darkness



In the decoration of our homes

we seek to reflect You glory

and the transforming light we have encountered

in knowing You.

We pray for homes,

that they be places that exhibit more than sparkle in decoration,

but instead that every home

is a place of hope and welcome.

In a season where tensions may rise

with financial and health worries,

or the sense of being trapped becomes more potent

as the weather keeps people indoors,

we remember relationships stretched and broken

and seek Your healing balm,

to bring relief or to aid the path to change.


Shine in the darkness



The presence of others in our lives

as so often revealed Your presence to us,

and we pray for those saints within our own lives

who have shown us Your love

and inspired us to follow You.


Shine in the darkness




Sunday 6th December 2015 – Advent 2C (2)

Prayer of Approach

In the history of humanity,

You, Creator of heaven and earth,

place Your love.

In the midst of kings, governors, high priest and world leaders

You sit,

distilling wisdom,

offering counsel,

and challenging the present.

In the desert of warring nation,

starving children,

broken men and women,

You are the voice

that calls the world to notice

and take action,

that Your warmth and light may bring

the promise and hope

of the garden of Eden

and the time when all will again

walk in the presence and knowledge of their Creator.


Continues with a shared prayer of confession found in the order of service.

Sunday 6th December – Advent 2C

Call to Worship

Come and listen for the voice of the Lord

who calls out

that people may be redeemed from their past

and embrace the promise of the future

in faith.

Come and listen for the whispering and gossip

that rustles with praise and thanksgiving

for the experiences of each day.

Come settle in the silence,

where no voices are needed

and instead the sincerity

of hearts meeting

and the Spirit calling forth

lead us to new understanding.


Come and hear the voice of love

that stills the quaking hearts

with forgiveness and mercy,

that all may walk in peace.