Sunday 30th October 2016 – Pentecost 24 (2)

Prayers of the People

For the welcome You offer,

and the generosity You inspire,

Son of God,

we give You thanks.

On the journeys we have made,

You have walked with us,

offering companionship and guidance.

You have lifted us up when we felt low,

and joined in the songs

that have spoken of encouragement, celebration and love.

We thank You for those who have made us welcome,

in their homes and in their lives.

For quiet meals with family and friends,

when stories of the past have allowed us to notice You around us;

for celebrations and fellowship,

where You have led the dancing

and spilled through the laughter.


May Your welcome spill into our meetings with the world,

ever-present Christ,

and remind us to see the world

with Your love and longing.


When politicians and world leaders meet,

may they walk as You would walk.

Enable them to hear the voices of the crowd,

the competing values,

the reps and aspirations,

and through the noise and clamour

may Your presence of God spill forth,

as talks focus on the need for peace,

the ensuring of the equity of the sharing of resources,

and the hope of the valuing of all life.

Open the eyes of those in power

to those who are ignored because they have been pushed to the edges of community life.

We pray for the vulnerable:

physically because of ill health

and politically

because of lack of wealth or status.


Teach us the value of taking time to watch the crowds around.

Too often we get caught up in the noise and the values

of the world in which we live.

We long for the wealth or freedom

to keep up with those we believe are important.

Or we join in the jeering voices,

and mock those who would not live as we do.

Take us to the edge of the crowd,

or have us climb to a height

where we are able to see the world differently

and notice

all we are missing.

We pray for journalists and reporters

who tell the story of our world,

that You enable them to point out the people and places in need of care.

For the police and community support workers,

who touch the lives

of those we view as trouble makers,

that their stories may allow us to see those we distrust in a new light.

For bankers, tax officers, and financiers,

that their knowledge of budgets and economics

may offer a challenge to poverty.


As we remember those who have shared their faith with us

and allowed us to meet the presence of Jesus in their lives,

may we give thanks for all they encouraged within us,

and welcome Your presence

as Your story is retold in our lives.

Christ of all people,

may you continue to seek out the lost,

and lead them and us

into the kingdom of God.



Sunday 30th October – Pentecost 24

The Call to Worship and Opening Prayer are being led by someone else this week.


Offertory Prayer

Aware of Your presence around,

Welcoming Creator,

You have surprised us with warmth

and the assurance of belonging.

As we make our offering,

we thank You for the generosity

of sharing in the life of faith

and the comfort of our existence.

In moving us from greed to generosity

and from hoarding to hosting,

You challenge us

to see the world,

its needs and Your hopes.

Blessing the gifts of life and work,

open our eyes to the needs of others

and enable us to offer Christ

in all we do.


Sunday 3rd November 2013 – Pentecost 24C/ All Saints’ (5)

There are bits of this that are mine and bits borrowed from somewhere else.   Three years on I’m not sure where from.   So whoever you are thank you.

Lord of love,

moment by moment

we encounter men and women

some of whom we know,

others with whom our meeting is but fleeting,

but whose generosity and simple nobility are plain to see.

We give thanks

for all who through faith have built up your church,

for those who quietly served you and the community;

we remember especially any who have inspired us.

May we become the people you have called us to be,

a chosen people, a holy people.

May we each fulfil our vocation

and use our gifts to your glory

and the relief of those in need.


Bless, O Lord, all peace-makers:

and all those who are striving for peace and freedom.

We pray for all who seek to promote justice,

integrity and right dealings,

for all who work for fair trade,

and all relief organisations.


We give you thanks for all who have inspired us,

who have enriched our lives by their goodness and faith.

We pray for all who are seeking to live a godly and saintly life.

We ask your blessing upon our community,

our homes and loved ones;

we remember before you all who are lonely and fearful.

Lord, make us to be numbered with your saints

in that glory which is everlasting.


We pray for all who watch and wait for your coming,

for the weary and the worn,

the hungry and the rejected,

all who long for justice and freedom,

all who weep because of injustice.


We pray for all who suffer for their faith:

the scorned and the persecuted,

the mocked and the ignored.

We pray for friends and loved ones who are suffering,

that they may be strong in their faith.

Lord, make us to be numbered

with your saints in that glory which is everlasting.


We give thanks for all who have lived their lives

in honour of your Name,

all who have been undiminished

and now share in the communion of saints in your kingdom.

Lord, make us to be numbered

with your saints in that glory which is everlasting.



Sunday 3rd November 2013 – Pentecost 24C/ All Saints’ (4)

God of goodness,

who reaches out to us

with all of creation,

Your generosity invites us

to nestle in Your love,

and then calls us to serve.

With the presence of others,

in stories told,

and assurance offered,

we are reminded that we belong to You.

From all that we are

and all that we have,

we make our thanksgivings.

May all we offer

remind us of

You desire for Your Word

to reach beyond this time and place

into the world beyond

in the name of Jesus Christ.



Sunday 3rd November 2013 – Pentecost 24C/ All Saints’ (3)

You are our hiding place,

Lord of all creation,

and under the shelter of Your wings

there is protection from the world around.

When the waters of the world

threaten to overwhelm,

it is Your voice

that issues the calm command

that quells all trouble.

Your ears are open

for the prayers

of all who long to be found,

whenever they are lost.

When the heat of summer saps energy,

it is Your hand that refreshes

for all that lies ahead.


You are our hiding place,

Lord of all people.

In Your presence we lay before You

all that this week has asked of us

and acknowledge those times

when we have chosen to follow our own path,

rather than bear Christ’s name.

We remember those we have hurt

in our desire to put our own needs and wants first.

You are the hiding place

when we are hurt

by the careless thoughts and action

of those we thought were friends.


Voice of reason,

God of grace,

washing through the darkness of all that burdens,

You offer us forgiveness

that we may draw closer to You and to others.

May we be guided in the choices we make

by the healing of Your words.

In Christ’s name.