Sunday 28th May 2017 – Easter 7A – Ascension Sunday (4)

Glorious God,

we worship You

for while the heavens are beyond our grasp,

You have chose to dwell within our lives.

In Your presence majesty is revealed

as all are offered welcome and love

around the heavenly table.

You have revealed the depths of Your love

in the life and death of Jesus Christ,

and the soaring heights in the resurrection and ascension.


We come in prayer to sit between

the life and purpose of Christ,

and seek the intention of our tasks

that that our words, thoughts and actions

may declare Christ’s presence

in all of life.

We pray today for those

who are awaiting transforming change

that will give them a sight of a different future

than the present that they inhabit.


We remember those who are prisoners,

and remember the different circumstances in which people find their freedom removed.

Praying for those who have perpetrated crime,

knowing that circumstance and nurture are not always easy for some,

and hoping that the life to which people return offers new ways of being.

Praying for political prisoners,

we recognise the discontent that was riled against,

and seek a world where all are treated fairly.

Praying for those imprisoned

and used and abused

by those who see their bodies as commodities,

we long for compassion from the perpetrators

and freedom for those who hurt.

Praying for those who are imprisoned by ill-health and physical ability,

may their needs be met,

that they may know life in all its fullness.



Sunday 28th May 2017 – Easter 7A – Ascension Sunday (2)

High and heavenly One,

raised from the ground,

then raised to heaven,

we praise You.

For far beyond our understanding,

You came to dwell amongst humanity,

that the presence of God would be met

in the hands and voices of Your living Presence.

In the parting of the clouds

that took You from our midst

space was created

in which to prepare human hearts

to tell and share the story of Love.


Too heavenly minded that sometimes we are of no earthly use,

for in seeking to emulate the precious wall of the Eternal Kingdom,

we forget compassion and care.

Eyes on the clouds

we stumble with careless words and actions,

or neglect the world in which we live.


As forgiveness revitalise our live,

make us passionate for the whole of creation,

that our lives may speak of the fullness of God.


Sunday 28th May 2017 – Easter 7A – Ascension Sunday

As we meet

will we allow God to rise within our worship,

and scatter the thoughts that crowd

and keep us from the divine presence.

Will the smoke screen of our imagined busyness clear

so that jubilant praise can be sung.


Lets sing our songs,

and may our praise carry on the clouds,

that all will know the protection of the vulnerable

that comes in the name of the Eternal.

Let the care of the Creator I’ve home

to those who have been lost.


Come sing to the Ancient one

who brings new life

in the turning of time.

Sunday 1st June 2014 – Easter 7A (5)

Risen and ascended Lord,

You have not weighed us down

with the weight of life’s losses,

but have instead lifted us to new life,

that reveals Your glory

in the wonder of our world.

Risen in our midst,

we thank You for the new opportunities

that have touched our lives;

for friendships

that have reminded us

that we belong to You;

for the burst of inspired thought

that has taken us in a new direction.


Risen and ascended Lord,

as Your church

we raise our eyes heavenwards

so that we might catch sight of You

in all that surrounds us.

When we lose our focus on the mission

of living as Your loving presence,

may Your Spirit lift our thoughts

from the selfish need for survival

so that we might better reveal Your glory

in the service of our community and world.


Risen and ascended Lord,

raise the aspirations of governments and world leaders

as they seek the best for the communities

for whom they care.

As new members of the European parliament take on their new roles,

may they be encouraged

to take heart from the similarities that unite

and listen for common ground in disagreement.


Risen and ascended Lord,

we pray for the downtrodden of our world.

We pray for places in our world

where class, faith, gender and caste divide.

We pray for the families

of the two girls raped and murdered in India,

that they may find comfort and hope

in the midst of their loss;

and we pray for the perpetrators

as they live with the consequences of their actions.

We pray for Meriam Ibrahim in Sudan,

and long for the news of her release to be true.

May we be inspired by the courage and strength that she has shown

as she places her trust in You.


Risen and ascended Lord,

we pray for those laid low

by their circumstances:

the bereaved and bereft;

those who are ill;

those who find life a struggle.


Risen and ascended Lord,

we rejoice with those You have welcomed

to Your side,

and while our eyes might follow them to heaven,

let us live by the example of faith they have shown

and give You glory in the lives we lead.


Sunday 1st June 2014 – Easter 7A (3)

Lord of humble beginning,

Lord of the story,

Lord of healing,

Lord of the cross,

Lord of Resurrection,

Lord of Risen glory,

our prayers ascend to You this day

with praise of all that You have made

in the work of creation

and the activity of Your Spirit.

In awe we gaze upon the wonder

of Your presence in our lives,

and yet You are the Lord of humility.

You are not some distant, lofty, unengaged deity,

but instead the God in the midst of all human life.

You listen to the anxieties and cares,

and stand alongside those who suffer.

You bring healing and relief,

and in word and touch

offer encouragement

or new direction,

that all might know Your grace

as they walk.


When we stand erect and proud,

forgive us our foolishness and self-centredness.

Remembering the words we have spoken,

and the words left unsaid;

remembering the hurt we have caused

in action and inaction;

remembering the carelessness of all we have thought;

we recognise that so often we fail

to live in the humility You have shown,

and so we place our lives into Your hands

and in our sorrow seek forgiveness.


As we seek You in the world around,

may we be restored by Your grace

to lives that offer signs of Christ’s presence

in all we do in His name.