Christmas Eve 2013 – Christingle

First Prayer

With friends and family,

with strangers and visitors,

You draw us together.

You, Loving Lord,

have a story to whisper

that tells of Your love.

In bright light and candle light

the excitement and wonder

of newborn baby

lead us to sing songs

and share the hopes we have

for the world in which we live.

May we make room

this evening

for the preparations

You have for us.

May we listen to Your story

and remember that You are with us

from the moment of our birth.

May the magic of this night

live in our hearts always.



Second Prayer

Lord of the whole world,

on this Christmas Eve,

we thank You for the wonder of our world.

When we place our Christingles on our tables tomorrow

and relight our candles,

may we remember this evening,

and thank You for stories and flickering light,

but especially thank You for the gift of love.


Lord we pray for our world.

We remember those

who will have no place to stay,

and shelter in doorways

or on benches.

We thank you for those who make room

for those who live differently,

and remember those places

that will offer the roofless

somewhere to sleep

and something to eat.


We remember those

who are hungry.

With storms and floods,

or long hot, dry seasons

there are those whose crops have either failed

or been damaged.

There are those

who do not have the money

to pay for food for all the family.

Help us to find ways to show we care,

and help us to remember those

who will ensure that others have enough

to eat.


We remember those

who are lonely

because they are missing a loved one,

or because they do not feel they fit in.

May all people find Your welcome

in comforting words and actions,

and in the kindness of others.


Lord of the whole world,

may we remember that Your love is for sharing.