Sunday 28th May 2017 – Easter 7A – Ascension Sunday (4)

Glorious God,

we worship You

for while the heavens are beyond our grasp,

You have chose to dwell within our lives.

In Your presence majesty is revealed

as all are offered welcome and love

around the heavenly table.

You have revealed the depths of Your love

in the life and death of Jesus Christ,

and the soaring heights in the resurrection and ascension.


We come in prayer to sit between

the life and purpose of Christ,

and seek the intention of our tasks

that that our words, thoughts and actions

may declare Christ’s presence

in all of life.

We pray today for those

who are awaiting transforming change

that will give them a sight of a different future

than the present that they inhabit.


We remember those who are prisoners,

and remember the different circumstances in which people find their freedom removed.

Praying for those who have perpetrated crime,

knowing that circumstance and nurture are not always easy for some,

and hoping that the life to which people return offers new ways of being.

Praying for political prisoners,

we recognise the discontent that was riled against,

and seek a world where all are treated fairly.

Praying for those imprisoned

and used and abused

by those who see their bodies as commodities,

we long for compassion from the perpetrators

and freedom for those who hurt.

Praying for those who are imprisoned by ill-health and physical ability,

may their needs be met,

that they may know life in all its fullness.



Sunday 28th May 2017 – Easter 7A – Ascension Sunday (2)

High and heavenly One,

raised from the ground,

then raised to heaven,

we praise You.

For far beyond our understanding,

You came to dwell amongst humanity,

that the presence of God would be met

in the hands and voices of Your living Presence.

In the parting of the clouds

that took You from our midst

space was created

in which to prepare human hearts

to tell and share the story of Love.


Too heavenly minded that sometimes we are of no earthly use,

for in seeking to emulate the precious wall of the Eternal Kingdom,

we forget compassion and care.

Eyes on the clouds

we stumble with careless words and actions,

or neglect the world in which we live.


As forgiveness revitalise our live,

make us passionate for the whole of creation,

that our lives may speak of the fullness of God.


Sunday 28th May 2017 – Easter 7A – Ascension Sunday

As we meet

will we allow God to rise within our worship,

and scatter the thoughts that crowd

and keep us from the divine presence.

Will the smoke screen of our imagined busyness clear

so that jubilant praise can be sung.


Lets sing our songs,

and may our praise carry on the clouds,

that all will know the protection of the vulnerable

that comes in the name of the Eternal.

Let the care of the Creator I’ve home

to those who have been lost.


Come sing to the Ancient one

who brings new life

in the turning of time.

Sunday 23rd April 2017 – Easter 2A

Offertory Prayer

Presence of the Creator,

we thank You for the fullness of joy

that we find in life with You.

Always beside us, always faithful,

our hearts long to spill over.

These simple gifts of our time and talents

are an expression of our trust in You,

and an offering of our willingness

to share what we know with others.



Prayers of the People

Lord of laughter,

You have been heard

in the giggle of an infant

surprised by the wind blowing

or the sun shining,

or the passing object.

You have been heard

in the snigger

of a youngster

wrestling through the grasp of humiliation.

You have been heard

in the chuckle

of adults,

amused by their experience of a day.

You have been heard

in the bellying aching roar,

that speaks of friendship,


and comfort.

We thank You

for the burst of laughter that surprises us,

and knocks us from our foolish pride

and thoughts of loneliness.


When the laughter fades,

and doubt surrounds,

may Your marks remind us You are with us.


We pray for the doubts of our communities

as we face not just local elections,

but national elections.

At a time when we have grown tired with decision making,

may Your marks reinvigorate our thoughts

and make us passionate about lacing faith

in the choices we make.

We pray for those who will be campaigning,

and those who must listen.

Encourage respectful dialogue

where people are willing to listen to the difference

and find a path

that places the poorest and most ignored at the centre of our conversations.


We pray for our world.

There isn’t much laughter

as news reports speak of shootings and bombings,

or people who are hungry or have no home.

We remember those who have been hurt or harmed this week

across the world,

and for their families.

We think of those who are grieving,

whose tomorrow’s seem to offer no laughter.

Enable us all

to seek out those in need of friendship,

as Your promise of new life

grows within us.


In these days of Easter celebrations,

we remember those who have been celebrating birthdays and marriages.

We pray for her majesty the Queen

as she celebrated her 91st birthday.

We give thanks for her continuing faithful service to our country,

and the inspiration that she offers to others

with her faith.


As laughter has shaped our lives,

we give thanks for those

whose open expression of faith and doubt

has shaped our lives towards You,

Christ our Saviour.

Lead us through our doubts

to the high points of faith

so that we may be renewed in our service,

and invigorated in our practice.


Sunday 1st May 2016 – Easter 6C

Call to Worship

The Lord is gracious to us

and blesses us,

causing His face to shine upon us.

The Lord’s ways are known upon the earth

as salvation sweeps into human life.

As those who belong to the Living Creator,

who we praise

for justice

and a guiding hand in human life.


We praise the Creating Spirit for this planting time,

when the ground is prepared

and the hope of fruits to come

is sown in seed form.

Then we will give praise the yield of the harvest

that bursts with colour and energy,

that the Lord’s blessing may be bestowed.


Let us worship God…



Opening Prayer

Heavenly Creator

who brings light and life,

that all may walk amidst

and share the splendour of creation,

we worship You from the depths of our heart

to the height of our being.

You close no doors

to encountering Your presence,

and offer the water of life

that flows from You

that all of creation

may burst to life

with the fruits of Your healing spirit.


In the light of the heavenly Hosts

the deceitfulness of humanity is exposed,

as nations fail to offer compassion for one another other,

and individuals wallow in the differences,

hurt and pain.

In the presence of curse of life,

the Lamb of God playfully gambles,

bringing healing and tenderness,

that dialogue may begin,

and new paths into a dwelling place with God

are brought into sight.


Revealing Spirit,

who leads us to new knowledge of forgiveness,

may we settle in Your peace

so that our troubled hearts may be stilled

in worship

and life.


Sunday 10th April 2016 – Easter 3C

Call to Worship

Let us exalt the Lord,

who has lifted us out of the depths

and did not let those around us gloat over us.

When we called to the Lord for help,

healing entered our lives.

When sorrow and anxiety pulled us under,

the Lord lifted us out of the darkness.


Let us sing praise to the Lord’s holy name,

for anger is momentary

while favour lasts a lifetime;

weeping may stay with us through the night,

only to be transformed to joy in the light of the morning;

wailing turns to dancing.


May we sing because of the Lord’s mercy

and unfailing love.

May our hearts never be silent.


Let us worship God…



Opening Prayer

In the morning light

You were waiting,

blazing like the sun’s dawn

and causing the horizon of a new day

to display the colour of all that lies ahead.

Eternal Presence,

who has watched as we sleep

and smoothed the furrowed, dreaming brows,

You have led us through the darkness

to open our eyes

to the hues of heavenly love.

Placing our feet upon the ground

and taking out hands

that we might be led through the ambition of this day.

You shout our attention

to look beyond ourselves

with the vibrancy of a sky.

You remind us to embrace with comfort and hope

as dew and rain caress plant and earth.

You whisper to be brave

and play our part,

as the wind blows through the trees

and stirs them to life.


Some days our lives seem too full and overwhelming

that we are not willing or ready

to step out in faith with You,

Christ of the new day.

We would prefer instead to pick through our worries,

or pretend we haven’t seen a need

for us to engage with the world.

If we close our eyes

we will not see the people who hunger in the street;

if we close our ears

we will not hear the cries of the children who do not know love;

if we close our minds

we will not understand the changes we can make towards a fairer, cleaner world.

Forgive us

for our lack of faithfulness.




Spirit of Mercy,

You dust down the sack cloth we would wear

and reclothe us in joy,

that our whole lives might sing

with the wonder of Your presence.




Offertory Prayer

Gracious heavenly Father,

we praise You for Your kindness

in the gifts we have received

and in the little miracles that sprinkle through our lives.

Help us to hear Christ’s redeeming call

that invites us to love and participate

in the feeding of others

with the good news of Your spirit in our midst.

May our gifts, talents and tithes be used

in miraculous ways.