Sunday 29th September 2013 – Harvest (5)

O God our Creator,

who asks us to look after the earth

and to enjoy and love it,

we pray:


For those who are hungry or homeless.

For those whose crops have failed to grow.

For those who do not know a loving home

or a safe place to play.


We pray:

For those who are poor.

For those whose skills are not used.

For those who are afraid to speak the truth.


We pray:

For those who are lonely.

For those who are sad.

For those who long to make new friends.


Open our ears

to hear Your call to help,

and fill our mouths with love and laughter

as we share what we know of You with others.




Sunday 29th September 2013 – Pentecost 19C/ Harvest (4)

Lord of harvest,

throughout the year

You tend and nurture

the seeds within the soil and within our hearts.

You shine light

that the buds might grow

and refreshen with water

to ease the thirst.

As the fruit appears

You listen for our thanksgiving of all we have been given.

We thank You for all we have enjoyed this year,

and all you have given us

in fun, food and laughter.

We offer from what we have been given

that others might know Your presence

in their lives.


Sunday 29th September 2013 – Harvest (3)


we thank You for the changing seasons,

for autumn, and all our harvest gifts.

As the days grow shorter

each of these gifts reminds us of Your promise of love.

For in all we eat and drink

You help us to grow,

and work;

to make plans

and enjoy our world.


Help us to celebrate

all the good things we eat,

and all that we have enjoyed this year.

When we think back on the spring and summer

may we remember the times of fun and laughter.

When we have made mistakes

remind us to sorry,

and to learn a new way to live,

as we follow Jesus in all we say and do.



Sunday 29th September 2013 – Pentecost 19C/Harvest (2)

Praise the Lord

with all your soul and all your life.

Sing praises for as long as you live.

Our trust should not be placed

in earthly wealth or riches.

Instead our hope is in the Lord our God,

who made heaven and earth,

the sea,

and everything in them.

For the Lord is faithful,

and reaches out to those in need:

the poor and hungry,

the prisoner and the oppressed.

In the Lord freedom is found;

sight is restored;

and those bowed down with life are lifted up.

The Lord reigns forever.

Praise the Lord.

Sunday 30th September 2012 – Harvest Thanksgiving (2)

God of the seasons,

it was you who danced across the soil

in springtime

as seeds were planted,

and whispered to the ground

that you would provide all

that was needed for growth.

You promised nourishment and warmth

that the fruits of the earth

might burst to life.

In summertime,

You were to be found relaxing in the heat,

or sprinkling rain to refresh thirsty life.

Warming the air

You encouraged new shoots

to make their way

upwards and outwards

to become the fruits

sought in Autumn.

Celebrating Harvest with us

we wonder at how you have encouraged us

to be part of the stewardship

of the world we live in.

We bear the gifts

that you have rooted within the soil,

our work and our hearts

and bring them to Your table

for sharing beyond this building

and ourselves.

As winter draws close

may we not dwell in the dark and cold

of the things that have not grown

and the gifts that have not been used.

Nor may we make others feel the cold

by withdrawing our love and support.

Instead may we find

you in the Autumn colours brightening our world,

reminding us of your colourful presence

in every season of our lives,

and in the twinkling lights and warming fires

that speak of your love

transforming the bleak places

of life.


Sunday 30th September 2012 – Harvest Thanksgiving

This is my first week in a new charge.   The service for my arrival is Harvest, and there will be children included throughout the service.   In a Church of Scotland fashion, I am to be preached in by a friend and colleague.   So my only responsibility are the opening two worship items.   So here is a call to worship….

May the Lord be gracious to us and bless us

and make his face to shine upon us.

May His ways be known in all the earth.

With people of all nations,

we rejoice and are glad

for the for the Harvest God invites of our lives.

In our praise and worship

may we sing and tell of God’s love,

and His desire for justice

in our care of our world and each other.