Sunday 22nd November 2015 – Reign of Christ the King (B)

Call to Worship

Robed in majesty,

and full of strength,

the Lord is present in our world.

The alpha and omega,

the beginning and the end:

before time and through time,

and beyond time,

weaving through each moment.


Creation echoes with the praise of the Eternal One,

and we join in the unending voice

of thundering waves,

whispering leaves,

and sighing breezes

that tell of the goodness of God.



Sunday 23rd November 2014 – Christ the King

A few weeks since I posted, but this week an opportunity for me t do everything.   Last time before Christmas!   Below you will find a Call to Worship, a Prayer of Approach and Confession, and Offertory Prayer and Prayers of the People.

Call to Worship


Sing for joy to the Lord.


shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.

In the presence of the Lord,

let our music and song

tell our our wonder.


For the Lord is high above

all creation and all beings.

The depths of the oceans

and the mountain peaks,

the refreshing seas

and the dusty earth,

all telling the story

of God in our midst.



let us bow before the Lord our Creator.

He is our God,

and we are the people of His Care.



let us worship God.



Opening Prayer

King of glory,

Your wisdom inspired

the creation of the mountain peaks

and valley depths,

and in the free flowing of water

and the rippling breeze

Your presence is felt

honing and smoothing

as You continue Your masterpiece.

Unfinished in You eyes,

Your loving touch soothes

the rough, unspoken thought

that every part

of what You make

may work towards a harmony

that demonstrates

the breadth and length

of Your being.


King of peace,

in the combining of colour and species

You offer a vision

of the kingdom of heaven,

where every part,

every space and gap,

every corner,

nook and cranny

rings in praise

of all it is,

and all it may be

when called to serve You.


Lord of Vision,

our eyes are not Your eyes,

our ears are not Your ears,

our hands are not Your hands,

and so we have not always noticed

those who feel shut out from the world,

we have not heard

the cries of those who are hungry,

we have not touched

the pain of those who hurt.

We confess that at times

we are indifferent, selfish, and silent,

and turn to You in sorrow.




Gracious Creator,

In Your forgiveness,

bless us with courage

to step into the places we may never want to be,

to say the words

that we would not dare to say,

and make us worthy in our purpose

as we serve You

in Christ’s name.




Offertory Prayer

Lord our Shepherd,

who guides us through

the rocks and rough ground,

to the spaces and places of refreshment and food,

we thank You

for Your presence in our lives.

As You open our ears, eyes and hearts

to the needs of the world,

may we be generous in what we give,

that our whole lives

may serve You

and allow us to share Your presence

with the hungry, the outcast,

the poor, and the prisoner.




Prayers of the People

Christ the King,

we declare You,

for You are the sovereign of our lives,

and when we trust Your reign within our lives

You invite us

to encounter the breadth of Your nature

and the breadth of our abilities

to serve You.

We thank for the ways in which

You have met us in our lives,

this week,

and today.

In family, friend and stranger

You have supported us with love and comfort.

Nourishing us with word

You have fed our imagination and ambition.

And in the basics of bread and wine

You have sustained

the breath of our living.


We praise You.

King of heaven,

it is a thorny crown You wear,

and in that image

you beckon us towards a world

waiting to be transformed

by Your presence unfolding in our activity.

We pray for those who are hungry and thirsty.


As climate change affects

the pattern of weather

and the sustainability of land,

we think of those whose crops have failed,

or been destroyed.

We pray for the stranger and the refugee.


As war and unsettled governments cause people

to be displaced

from their homes, their families

and their lands,

may we be welcoming of those who

are different

and find ways in which all may be assured of their home in You.


We pray for the sick and the dying.

In communities

where healthcare is not free at source

or even formal enough to offer basic care,

we pray for those

who struggle with each day.

We remember those communities affected by Ebola,

and pray for those

who are willing to offer their hands

to bring much needed care.


We pray for those in prison,

and for their families.

Help us to remember the loneliness and the isolation

that lowers self-esteem,

and offer encouragement to those

who are searching for new patterns of living.


Lord of Lords,

we also pray for those

we sometimes feel lawd it over us,

and remember governments and politicians.

May those who hold the power

find their lives shaped by Your Holy Spirit,

and bring light to the corners of our world

where care and compassion are most needed.

In Christ’s name.


Sunday 24th November 2013 – Christ the King C (5)

At the foot of Your throne,

Christ our King,

we take our seat

that we might sing and tell of our thanksgiving.

In the changing of the seasons,

may we take time to remember

all that the past year has brought,

and the fruits that have nourished our own faith and lives.

We thank You for friends old and new,

who have spoken of Your love and faithfulness.

We thank You

for the shelter of our homes and relationships.

We thank You for the challenges of life

that we continue to face

when new patterns are expected of us.

And we thank You

for the crowds of people

who sit around us,

and share Your story and our history.


Within the crowds of our world,

we pray for the Queen and her family;

for politicians and government,

remembering the decisions they make on our behalf

as they shape the societies and communities

of which we are part.


We pray for the armed forces.

For those who are serving in difficult  and dangerous places,

and we remember their families

and those they love,

who wait and pray

for safe returns.


We pray for those who are in prison,

and those who seek to help them.

May they find the hope

that encourages and inspires them

to make a new start.


And we pray for those who are the crowd.

The people we know in life,

who stand and watch and wait.

We think of those who choose the crowd as a place to hide,

that others may not know their illness,

their loneliness or upset.

For those who use the crowd as a place to hide

from expectation or responsibility.

May we all find the courage to step out in faith,

and speak in Christ’s name

of the love of God.



Sunday 24th November 2013 – Christ the King C (3)

God of strength,

God of shelter,

who stands against the waves of fear

and who stills the roar of trouble,

You offer a resting place.

You are unfailing in Your love,

and from the break of day

Your voice

speaks into all life,

melting the hearts of those

who do not listen to persuasion.

With creation in all things,

You buoy up the broken hearted

to face each day

with new confidence and hope

in all that humanity might share.


Ruler of our lives,

we are not always willing to listen

to the retelling of Your love,

and choose to suit ourselves.

In our ignorance and the foolish words spoken,

we hurt those most in need of knowing

that they belong to You.

When we are hurt

by the inactions or actions of others,

we cling to the pain of hurt

rather than embracing a different future.


Compassionate Christ,

who teaches us to seek after You

in the midst of mockery,

may you reign in our lives

that we might be moulded

to be the people You call us to be.



Sunday 24th November 2013 – Christ the King C (2)

Come to the place of shelter,

where help for present troubles can be shared

and the fear of burden lifted.

Within the refreshing waters of worship

may we know God within and unfailing,

lifting His voice

that creation may respond.


The Lord our God is always with us,

a sure foundation upon which

to build our hope.

Come and see the works of God,

who seeks to bring peace,

to shatter the weapons of war.

Come and be still,

for the Lord is with us,

our strength in times of trouble.