Sunday 11th November 2012 – Remembrance Sunday (5)

O God our help in ages past

You are our hope in all that lies before us.

From the pain and loss of war

You remind us of the hopes and dreams

of those who fought

and continue to fight

for a world where justice and freedom of opinion and life

are overarching ideals.


We pray for those who are

at the forefront of protecting

freedom in life and opinion and who seek after justice and equity,

not just in our own country

but across the world.

In serving this country and the commonwealth

may the Queen offer wisdom and insight

as she meets with those who govern and create policy.

Guide our politicians

as they direct the life of communities and nations.


We remember those

serving in our Armed Forces.

May they receive the courage need

to respond with discipline and loyalty

as they serve the cause of justice and peace.


As a church may we continue

to pray

that never again will life be lost

or war be waged,

as we hope for differing lives

for our children

and the future that is to come.

With Your Holy Spirit at work in hearts

and actions,

may humanity learn to embrace the differences

that can divide,

and challenge the prejudices

that allow for others to be undervalued.


Teach us to love in many ways

so that we might reach out to those

who have been wounded

and whose faith is shaken.

In our actions and words

may they be offered comfort and hope

for the future that awaits them.


We remember those

who find themselves displaced

by war and battle.

We think of those who are homeless and hungry,

those who have lost their livelihood.

May we seek to support

those groups and organisations

who offer help and support

as we long for a world

where poverty and ignorance no longer plagues lives.


Lord of life and death,

we thank You for those lives

that have touched our own

and reminded us of the presence of Your kingdom

beyond the walls of our church buildings.

We thank you for those who have offered

signs of You

in the desire for peace

and the hope they have carried

for those they loved.

May we follow their devotion and faith,

and live as those

willing to meet Christ

wherever He might lead.




Sunday 11th November 2012 – Remembrance Sunday (4)

Generous God,

You have held nothing back

from Your creation

and bless life

with more than it could ever need.

We live from all that we have been given,

and at times look for more.

Teach us to humbly accept

what is enough,

and to give from all that we have

that others might meet Your generosity

in all they receive.