Sunday 2nd March 2014 – Transfiguration (5)

I’ve adapted a David Adam prayer from “Clouds and Glory” this week, and added bits of my own.

Lord, change us and we shall be changed,

transform us by Your love,

redeem us by Your grace,

strengthen us by Your presence,

that we may move from glory to glory;


Lord, bless Your church

that it may reflect Your glory,

that it may guide your people into the ways of love and peace.

We pray for the church 

as it seeks to uphold Your law

and to discover Your will,

that we may be faithful to You

until the day dawns 

and the morning star rises in our hearts.

Lord, enable us to proclaim Your kingdom

and Your glory.


We pray for a world 

that so often has lost its way,

as different creeds and voices clamour,

leaving those who listen

lost for direction.

We pray for those who feel their lives have no purpose

or meaning,

for those who are confused

and looking for guidance.


We pray for governments

lost in the darkness of making law and policy

that they cannot see the need for lighter thoughts

to transform words into positive action.

Make politicians and policy making bodies more than pen pushers.

May they find themselves

lifted to mountain tops of thought,

where light is cast offering new hopes and ambitions.


We pray for individuals,

whose lives are enclosed behind the walls

of past experience and hurt.

As the colour of care and compassion

offered by others seeps into their view,

may they make careful journeys

from their loneliness and loss,

their ill-health and lack of self-esteem.


Transforming God,

we have met You in the lives of others

who have challenged us to change

by the stories of faith they have shared.

As we seek to follow,

may Your light shine

in the efforts we make 

to share what we know of Christ with others.



Sunday 2nd March 2014 – Transfiguration (4)

God of all people,

may Your glory be revealed

in all we give this day.

From the fruit of our lives;

the time and talents

that we treasure,

may our world

catch of glimpse of Your hope and love

changing all of life,

in Christ’s name.



Sunday 2nd March 2014 – Transfiguration (3)

Dazzling Light,

capturing creation’s attention

with the vivid colours of your presence

You transform the dull spaces

and the dark corners of the world

so that they shine with Your glory.

Conversations come alive

when encouraged by Your bright spirit

bold steps are taken

to offer friendship and encouragement.

Loneliness is cast aside

as the potential of participating in relationships

of compassion and trust

are offered within Your vibrant community.

With Your grace

poured into all of life,

the wonder of possibility

casts a rainbow over all

that had been thought abandoned or lost.


Finding us hiding our faces,

our cooried into corners,

Lord of light,

You shine into all that we seek to hid from You.

Remembering the dark moments

of the journey to this morning,

there are times and emotions

that are tinged with the greys and blacks

of doom and anger

that we would not wish You to see.

Yet with flickering interest

You open up each chapter

of our disappointment;

the angry words,

the resentful thoughts;

and the blissful ignorance.

Then leading our thoughts,

You offer us a new way to live in Your presence.




Transforming Lord,

forgiven by Your

we are transformed beyond our recognition.

You invite us to walk in Your colour and light

and to carry this moment of change

into the lives of others,

that they might meet Your live

in Christ’s presence within us.


Sunday 2nd March 2014 – Transfiguration (2)

Lifting us to the heights of heaven,

the Lord raises His people

from the disputes and worries

of ordinary life.

Drawing the mist of worship around this place

He creates a space

where time and history are transcended

and instead

all are gathered together

with the worshipping community

of every generation.

With the burning fire of the Holy Spirit

the Lord assures

of value and worth,

of talent and belonging;

or kindle within

a desire to serve beyond the place and time

bringing Christ’s transforming presence

into ordinary living.


In these heights of worship

may our songs of joy

be transformed to words of God’s presence

in all of life.


Sunday 10th February 2013 – Transfiguration C (5)

This a prayer adapted by me, borrowing opening phrases from “Companion to the Revised Common Lectionary” Vol.1 Intercessions by Christine Odell.


Holy God,

when we are dazzled by your holiness,

taken aback by your glory,

overwhelmed by your presence,

and unsure how to respond,

draw the veil from our eyes,

that we may discover what you,

in your holiness, desire of us.

In all aspects of our lives may we discover justice.

Help us to recognise that it is more than a global hope

but an ideal to shape all human life

and touches within our family and working lives.

So may we see the need for fair treatment of those we love

as well as those beyond our ken.

When we feel that we have been unfairly treated

and in the situations where we feel that power has been abused or misused

teach us to respond with mercy,

that Christ’s compassion for our world might be a vision

for all to encounter.

Enable our leaders to work with respect and consideration

that the needs of more than the wealthy and the powerful are valued;

and instead the needs of all individuals, communities and nations

are taken into consideration.


In your love and mercy: Hear our prayer.


Loving God,

when we are dazzled by your love,

taken aback by your vulnerability,

overwhelmed by your presence

and unsure how to respond,

draw the veil from our eyes,

that we may discover what you,

in your love, offer humankind.

From the depths of your love

may we seek after forgiveness;

taking time to remember those who are caught in war and trouble,

help us to pray for reconciliation,

and to practice for ourselves the on-going sharing of life within community.

Bathing in the hope of love

make us mindful of those who are unwell or in pain,

that we may play our part in the healing process,

whether that be in prayer, presence or practice.

With those who feel that they have lost hope –

the sorrowful and the downcast –

may your presence within us speak of transformed life,

fresh and new and full of opportunity.

In your love and mercy: hear our prayer.


Transfiguring Spirit of God,

taking us to heights

that we may have renewed vision for action and prayer,

may the words, the passion we have for service, and the tenderness for others,

speak only of you

that others might encounter Jesus Christ transforming life and believe.



Sunday 10th February 2013 – Transfiguration C (4)

Creator God,

who takes us to the mountain tops

so that we can enjoy the wonder of all that You have made,

how we long to able

to stay there and rest.

Your Spirit leads us back into life

to offer something of our experience

of You from the highs and the lows of our lives.

In all we give this morning,

we offer our thanks

for the colour of Your life

placed within our own,

and hope that our actions and prayers

may display a reflection

of who Your are to us.

In Christ’s name.