Sunday 3rd June 2012 – Trinity (4)

God of relationship,

We praise you for the variety of experiences

that You offer

in the relationships

that You share within yourself

and with Your creation.

You are a God of awe and wonder

and we praise Your for the creation that surrounds and supports our existence.

You are a God of encounter

and we thank you for the stories

that have lead us to our knowledge of You

and for the variety of people and ways

you have chosen

to touch human life.

You are a God of impetus

and we praise You

that You continue to stir amongst people and creation

inspiring all to hear Your calls for justice

as You build the Kingdom of heaven.

On this weekend of Jubilee celebrations,

we remember the Queen, Elizabeth.

We thank you for the qualities that You have bestowed upon her,

that have allowed her to build relationships with many people.

We think of her as Head of State,

and her desire to serve the people of the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

We thank You for her interest in others.

We remember her for her more personal relationships

and praise You for the joy she had found in her marriage;

the pleasure she has taken from her children and her grandchildren;

and we thank you for the love and respect in which she is held by others.

We remember others who are called to lead Your people.

We pray for Heads of state, governments and political leaders

across the world.

May Your Spirit inspire them

as they live out their responsibilities

so that our world becomes a place

where building relationships is placed to the fore.

Encourage them to recognise the need

for all people to have opportunities

that allow them to grow in knowledge, stature

within community.

We pray for those who build relationships with others

as they help and encourage others.

We pray for teachers and lecturers

as they inform and direct minds

and enable young and old

to learn;

for doctors and nurses

whose care is shaped by the relationship

that enables another

to trust and take strength;

for shop workers and bus drivers

whose friendly smiles and actions

are for some

the only sign they might have in a day

that they are welcome in a community;

for counsellors

who allow others to explore their relationships

that they might find what brings vision and strength to life.

We pray for our church communities

as places where relationships are important.

We thank you for those people

who make being part of a church easy,

for they offer help and support,

or bring love and cheer.

Encourage us to remember that

even those we struggle to get on with

are a gift from You.

For in these relationships You highlight qualities

within us and them

that offer fresh images of You.

We remember those who feel bereft

at the loss of a relationship.

Those who have their friendships and loves tested

when another moves on to new things.

Those who have been bereaved

and who feel that a part of them is missing.

God of relationship,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

we offer these our prayers

in Christ’s name.



Sunday 3rd June 2012 – Trinity (3)

God of all gifts,

of roaring wave

and clashing thunder;

of high mountains

and deep seas;

we worship You

for all You have placed

within our grasp.

We give with thanks

from all that receive

in work and play

and place ourselves and our gifts

at the direction of Your Spirit

so that You might use them

in the continuing work

of shaping our world with the story of Christ.


Sunday 3rd June 2012 – Trinity (2)

Mysterious Creator,

the creation grasps to know You

and catches only a partial glimpse

that causes intrigue.

Your hand is at work

in the shaping of rock and plant

through the movement of water.


Your voice is heard

as the story of Jesus

is repeated in word and action

by those who want to know You

and those who offer an encounter

with Your presence

alive in the world today.


Your Spirit inspires and empowers

as Your love, justice and mercy

entwine around human hearts and relationships.


We worship You

for the myriad ways

that speak of You.

As we gather today

may we remember You

in the many relationships

that offer an image of You.

So we remember You as Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

and we remember You as mother, brother, sister, friend, sustainer and comforter.


Each of Your relationships offers us a vision

of how communities should live together,

where each party recognises the gifts and beauty of another.

We know that we fail

in our relationships

and can so easily tear our communities apart.

Forgive us for those times

when we have not been willing to hear the stories of another;

when we have undermined another with cruel words;

when we have taken more than we need

and not been prepared to make sacrifices.




Comforter and Sustainer,

You are at work in our hearts and minds,

transforming all that we have been

that we might offer Christ’s love

in all You invite us to do.